Will the Artificial Leaf Sprout to Combat Climate Change? (Chemical & Engineering News)

Can Chemists Turn Pollution into Gold? (Scientific American)

That Electric Feel (Chemical & Engineering News)

Hacking a Desktop Printer to Make Batteries and Circuits (Technology Review)

How to Give Fake Hands Real Feeling (Technology Review)

Texas Woman is the First to Undergo Optogenetic Therapy (Technology Review)

Is Zapping Your Brain a Good Idea? (Nature)



Carbyne Predicted to be Strongest Known Material (C&E News)

Self-Healing Batteries (Technology Review)

The First Carbon Nanotube Computer (Technology Review)

Digital Camera Gives a Bug’s Eye View (Nature)

Unanswered Questions in Cancer Research – Three Known Unknowns (Scientific American)

The Computer Will See You Now (Nature)

Nanotechnology: Carrying Drugs (Nature)

Biodegradable Batteries to Power Smart Medical Devices (Technology Review)

The California Drought May Mean More Earthquakes (Mother Jones)

Water: The Flow of Technology (Nature)

Graphene’s Dark Side (Scientific American)



The Rare-Earth Crisis

Printing Electronic Skin

These are two videos made quickly on the fly to run with daily web stories:

Laser-Quick Data Transfer (scroll down for video)

A New Way to Use the Sun’s Energy (scroll down for video)

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